Aluminium Door Repair services in leicester

Aluminium Door Repair Services in Leicester, Image of Aluminium Door

Despite the durability of aluminium doors, proper maintenance is essential for their longevity. Otherwise, these sorts of doors are prone to a number of unnecessary problems. No matter whether yours is commercial or residential, our mobile team can repair a host of damages.

DM Locksmiths carry common aluminium door parts at all times. These include drive arms, pivots and door closers. The more typical issues with aluminium doors are generally caused by lack of maintenance. Doors are in frequent use every day, which weakens the components and prompts replacements. We offer competitive rates and can repair or adjust locking mechanisms, handles, hinges or panels.


Closing too fast
Difficult to lock
Not closing or not opening
Catching on the floor
Oil leaking on the door
Out of alignment
Brush seals damaged or missing


Fire Door Servicing
Door Closure Servicing
Door Part Lubrication
Hinges and Latches
Brush seals damaged or missing


Full DBS Check
Stock Most Parts
Same Day Repairs

Professional Aluminium door repairs


Aluminium doors are a great choice for any home or office because of their strength and durability. Unfortunately, sometimes these doors can become faulty or damaged due to wear and tear over time. In this case, it is important to get the door repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage from occurring.

Aluminium door repairs can be tricky and require the help of an experienced professional. With the right tools and techniques, they can have your door looking like new in no time. They are also able to identify any underlying issues that could lead to future problems if left unchecked. So if you have a faulty aluminium door, don’t hesitate to call in a professional for help!

our local door repair services

Aluminium door services are becoming increasingly popular among both commercial and domestic customers. Whether you need a new door for your office building or a replacement for your home, aluminium doors are the perfect choice.

Aluminium doors not only provide excellent security and insulation but also require minimal maintenance. They are highly durable and can last for decades with proper care.

At our company, we provide complete aluminium door services from installation to maintenance. We have experienced professionals who can help you select the right doors for your requirements and install them in no time. We also offer regular maintenance services to keep your aluminium doors looking their best at all times.

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