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Commercial Locksmiths In Leicester, Nottingham, Loughborough & Derby (Aluminium Doors)

Looking for aluminium door and metal door locksmith in the East Midlands?
Need to replace, fit, change or upgrade your aluminium door lock?
Had a burglary attempt to your metal door?

We offer 24/7 service to aluminium doors and metal doors installed in privet, residential and commercial properties throughout the East Midlands.

Many shop doors and office doors around Leicester, Nottingham, Derby & Loughborough have aluminium doors and metal doors.

Most of those doors has either a large glass panel or full glass door with aluminium or metal frame.

Office doors and shops doors in London usually has 3 locking systems:

1. Hook bolt lock.
2. Swing bolt lock.
3. Latch deadbolt mechanism.

You can fit aluminium and metal doors with:
Euro cylinder, screw in cylinder, oval cylinder, Scandinavian cylinder and sometimes with a thin mortice Chubb lock.

We have a large stock of aluminium door locks, metal door locks, cylinders and mechanisms to fit on any metal door or aluminium door.

Our experienced locksmith’s have a vast knowledge in aluminium doors, metal doors and standard doors.
We will advise you on the best possible door and lock system to install, fit or change in your shop, office or home according to your budget and security needs.

Commercial Locksmiths Aluminium Doors

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