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Master Suite Systems are the answer

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Master Key Systems

What is Master Key Systems? They work buy each user having there own door key but there is a master key that will open all doors.

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Master suit Systems

A master suite system is designed to give authorised key holders access to specific areas of a building with minimum fuss. This popular system is industry standard across commercial properties.

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Bespoke locking systems

Our systems ensure; No one will be able to make a copy of any key. Only the authorised key holder can arrange for extra keys to be cut. All types of locks and cylinders can be included in Bespoke Locking systems.

DM Locksmiths Master Suite Systems In Leicester

Suite systems are a practical and user-friendly form of access control within your home or business. A single key can give management or security extensive access to all doors within a property. We can also issue individual staff members with a key that only opens designated areas. These sorts of key systems are perfect for offices, flats, student lets, hospitals, universities and hotels.

DM Locksmiths will ensure that no one will be able to make a copy of any key. We’ll also ensure that only the authorised key holder can arrange for extra keys to be cut. Master your entry today with our economic services.


Our Suit systems are the perfect solution for businesses and organizations that require a secure and reliable locking system. They provide bespoke locking solutions tailored to your needs, allowing you to have full control over who has access to your premises.

Master key systems enable you to have one key that opens all locks, while also allowing you to create individual keys for each lock. This is incredibly useful for businesses that need to manage multiple access points with just one key.

Locks with Keyed Alike technology are also available, providing an extra layer of security by ensuring that no two locks can be opened with the same key. This provides peace of mind knowing there is no risk of unauthorized access.

No matter what kind of business or organization you run, Master Suit Systems has the perfect solution for your security needs.