Safes & Vaults

Home Safes Installed By Skilled Experts

Home Safe Installation

Ensure your valuables and possessions are kept secure within your home. At DM Locksmiths, we can provide you with convenient and unmatched security for all your valuables and possessions.

Quality Safes For Sale

We have an extensive range of quality safes in stock. Our safes are ideal for storing cash, jewellery, important documents, gold and other possessions. You can have complete peace of mind knowing that our insurance rated safes can guarantee you safe storage for your possessions.

Help Opening Safes

If you’re unable to open your safe or or the lock mechanism is damaged, our team of experts will open and repair it for you. Our safe engineers can open, repair and replace all makes and models of business and home safes.

Reasons why you’re unable to open your safe:

  • Lost or misplaced keys
  • Lost safe codes or combinations
  • A snapped key
  • The locking mechanism is damaged in the process of opening the safe


There is no need to change the locks on your old home when you move out of it – the new owner should do this themselves. You should definitely change the locks on your new home when you move in – and this should be a priority!

You have no idea how many keys exist for the old locks, or to whom those keys belong. It is also a common practice for estate agents to put their copy of a key on a keyring marked with the address of the property.

It’s a small cost, but a huge benefit. If you moved into a new property and you were burgled by someone who used a key, your insurance company would not pay out.
No DM Locksmiths never charge a call out fee, neither do we charge for coming out to your home or business to diagnose or quote on works. We only charge when you actually have works carried out after having all costs and details of works explained to you.
You have several options. We can come out and fit keys or rekey your house, you can bring the locks into our workshop to be rekeyed or have keys fitted or you could replace the cylinders.